The Consummate Transitioner - Motivational Posters

The Consummate Transitioner, founded by Curtis Wray, is a site dedicated to helping people in the workforce walk through times of transition with excellence and integrity. As Curtis states, being a Consummate Transitioner “is a state of being in mindset, purpose, direction, and action to attain our highest goals and aspirations in life.”

Curtis needed an e-commerce site, and had an idea for a series of motivational posters to express some of his key points of inspiration. He had several concepts and pithy motivational sayings, but needed some help with print design to bring them to life.

“You were the only web design professional who reached out to me that didn’t shy away from designing the posters, too,” Curtis told Monti Design. And I was happy to be able to build both his website and these print pieces.

The posters can be purchased at