This is my Happy Divi Library story.

I needed to add a breadcrumb to an interior page template on a web site I was working on. I started to add the Yoast breadcrumb to page.php in my child theme (a la this tutorial from Elegant Themes: and realized it wasn’t going to afford me the flexibility I needed.

Enter the PHP Code for Posts plugin (, which converts snippets of PHP code into re-usable shortcodes.

That was the missing puzzle piece. Once the PHP Code for Posts plugin was installed, adapting the breadcrumb code for Divi was simple:

  1. Created a PHP shortcode using the Yoast breadcrumb snippet.
  2. On my page, I added a row with a text module in it.
  3. Dropped the breadcrumb shortcode into the text module.
  4. Saved the entire row to the library.
  5. Created an interior page layout that includes the new breadcrumb row.
  6. BAM! Life simplified.
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